Why The Elephant Has No Butt


As Mother Turkey narrates to her children, Why The Elephant Has No Butt, the trouble started when the great Elephant was caught smoking a cigarette–which was a most serious offense against the Environmental Laws of Goodwill Forest. But it was not the mighty Lion who caught the great Elephant smoking. No! it was the tiny Tortoise…the Tortoise. Caught him in a very awkward spot in the ladies. Then the news and struggles spread like wildfire until they engulfed the entire global beasts of the forest.

In this series of dazzling socio-political satires, strung together with delicious humor, passion and biting irony, the author skilfully recreates and globalizes an African folktale about the animals' struggle for survival and triumph in a world, where the weak and poor Tortoises must strive to alter their destiny and powerless condition by confronting the oppressive forces of the rich powerful Elephants, who daily push them to the edge of power and insecurity.